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    Best Guns Grips 

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    1911 Grips For Sale


    What are the Best Guns?


    Browning Hi-Power


    It is a semiautomatic gun that has been in production since 1950 and to this day it is manufactured by the brand FNH in Belgium and in Argentina. The factory FM produces versions of the same with more capacity than the original and uses the caliber of 9mm and 40. It is said that it is the mother of the pistols because to this day similar systems are used in the manufacturing process of the modern pistols.















    SIG Sauer P226 of 9MM and 40SW Caliber




    It is a pistol of German and Swiss origin. It is the most durable pistol so far and is used by the SEALs in the United States. It has a capacity of 15 shots of 9mm and 12 of 40 SW.


    Walther P99


    It is a pistol of German origin and it is very popularized by the sagas of James Bond. It has a capacity of 16 shots in the caliber of 9mm and 12 in 45 and it has more advanced versions like PPQ or PPX.


    FN FNX 45 Tactical


    This pistol is of Belgian origin and is manufactured by FNH. It is a pistol of caliber .45 and it has a capacity of 15 shots which is quite much for a pistol of such caliber.


    1911 Style Pistols


    This type of pistol is the one that has the best design in the world that is 1911 and the best known of this type is the original colt which is the most manufactured pistol. There are different brands of these pistols and among them are Remington, S&W and a few others. It has the small capacity of only 7 shots and it caliber of 8 and .45 ACP. You can also buy the best 1911 grips for sale from evandeveraux.com.


    Desert Eagle


    It is a pistol manufactured by IMI Israel and it is one of the most powerful semiautomatic pistols made ever. Its original version has the great weight and size and it has the caliber of 50 in its original version in USA.


    FN Five-seveN


    It is the pistol that in terms of design is excellent and this gun uses the gauge cartridge of 5.7x28. It has a capacity of 20 cartridges in the magazine and it is of polymer.


















    Smith and Wesson M & P of 9mm Caliber


    It is a police pistol made by S&W. It has a capacity equal to that of the Glock. M & P stands for military and police and it is one of the most recommended pistols for sports shooting.


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